We have proudly teamed up with Paul and Avery Mantell founders of the Maasai girl's fund.

For every guest that books a trip with us, a maasai girl escapes FGM and gets an education for a year.


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About the founder

About the founderAbout the founder


You have not traveled if your memories are just on your Camera. Create a legacy by sponsoring a troubled teen on a 2 week mission trip for humanitarian work to Kenya.


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Tour packages: Prices differ by Seasons,Class of Accomodation and if airfare is included or not.

10 days Mombasa,Masai mara, Amboseli

10 days mission trip to Kenya

4 days on safari and 6 days doing mission work Airfare included

Sometimes we have to get off the highways of life and use the back roads. There we will see the people less fortunate, who would really appreciate our attention. The Oppressed,Sick,grieving,bullied,orphaned widowed,depressed,hungry,lonely,the list is endless. Be the change you want to see in the World. Join us FOR 10 DAYS- 15 April - THE 24TH TO May on our next Mission trip to Kenya. We will go for : 1 Day Tea picking neat Mt.Kenya to know the value of a $1 which is a days worth of tea picked @ person @day. 1 Day workshop with the locals where we dialogue and exchange stories of how Mental health has affected our Society. There will be a medical team offering free services. 1 Day Volunteering at a center that houses young rape victims who have decided to keep their babies as they go back to school. Baby sitting, cooking and speaking to the young ladies. - 2 Days Visiting Schools where VOOC is offering mentorship to kids from Pre k to college age. Provide school supplies, clean water holding tanks, crafts and speak to them. - 1 Day Visit to Kibera slums where abused Women have found shelter by making paper beads. - 1 Day Visit the famous Maasai market to see the different talents of the local tribes. Bead work, carvings, fabrics etc - Visit the giraffe center in Karen by the Karen Blixen Museum. 3 Days Visit the Maasai Mara to go on Safari to see the Big Five. - Visit a Maasai Village and provide School Supplies as we learn about their Culture. How they make a fire by rubbing two sticks together. How the women build their houses using cow dung and mud. Our trips include both mission work and sightseeing.



5 days Masai Mara lake Naivasha/Lake Nakuru

Aug 1st - August 10th 5 days of humanitarian service plus 5 days of Safari.

Recommend 10 friends and you go for free.. 5 days of humanitarian work and 5 days on Safari. It's the high season so a good time to go on safari which is included in the cost to see the wild animals.



5 days Amboseli Tsavo

Tailor make your own Safari

Tailor make your own safari.

Pick your price and we will put together a safari for you.

When to Visit Kenya

The best months to view wildlife in Kenya are June to October also known as the dry season. The wildebeest migration has been recognized one of the 7 wonders of the world and a lot of people travel to Masai Mara between mid July to early October for this spectacular parade. Usually by Early October the wildebeest migrate back to Serengeti in Tanzania.

The Dry Season is also known as the high season (June to October).

Even thought he parks can get very busy and crowded the weather is perfect sunny high 80's with a cool breeze in the morning and evening. Since there is no rain the chances of encountering mosquitos is very low. The animals are always thirsty and it's easier to spot them at every watering hole. They don't have a lot of places to hide because the bushes and shrubs are dried out.

The wet season is also known as the low season  (November to May)

A lot of people choose this time to visit Kenya because It's more affordable.

Everything is green  and food is in plenty  and so there is a lot of wildlife You are sure to also spot  a lot of new born baby animals.

The lodges are less crowded and though mosquitos might also be liking the wet season the lodges provide mosquito nets and you can enjoy your night without these unwelcome night visitors.

I have gone to kenya during every season and they never dissapoint.

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