Sometimes we have to get off the highways of life and use the back roads. There we will see the people less fortunate, who would really appreciate our attention. The Oppressed,Sick,grieving,bullied,orphaned widowed,depressed,hungry,lonely,the list is endless. Be the change you want to see in the World. Join us FOR 10 DAYS- 15 April - THE 24TH TO May on our next Mission trip to Kenya. We will go for : 1 Day Tea picking neat Mt.Kenya to know the value of a $1 which is a days worth of tea picked @ person @day. 1 Day workshop with the locals where we dialogue and exchange stories of how Mental health has affected our Society. There will be a medical team offering free services. 1 Day Volunteering at a center that houses young rape victims who have decided to keep their babies as they go back to school. Baby sitting, cooking and speaking to the young ladies. - 2 Days Visiting Schools where VOOC is offering mentorship to kids from Pre k to college age. Provide school supplies, clean water holding tanks, crafts and speak to them. - 1 Day Visit to Kibera slums where abused Women have found shelter by making paper beads. - 1 Day Visit the famous Maasai market to see the different talents of the local tribes. Bead work, carvings, fabrics etc - Visit the giraffe center in Karen by the Karen Blixen Museum. 3 Days Visit the Maasai Mara to go on Safari to see the Big Five. - Visit a Maasai Village and provide School Supplies as we learn about their Culture. How they make a fire by rubbing two sticks together. How the women build their houses using cow dung and mud. Our trips include both mission work and sightseeing.

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